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Max Payne and Burnout Crash hit the iOS App Store


Two high-profile games, one from Rockstar Games and one from Electronics Arts, hit the iOS App Store today. The most anticipated of the two is Max Payne. The third-person shooter was originally created by Remedy Entertainment for the PC, and Rockstar Games then ported it to the major gaming consoles. Now fans of the series can fire up the dark action game on their retina iPad and iPhone.

The other major title is Burnout Crash from EA. This is another game in a long-standing series that was originally developed by Criterion Games. The car driving title lets you speed through cities while leaving a wake of destruction in your path.

Max Payne Mobile is available for US$2.99, while Burnout Crash will set you back $4.99. Both titles are universal games that'll run on the iPhone and the iPad.

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