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TERA recaps PAX East and a week of reveals with new video

Jef Reahard

If you're looking forward to TERA but sad about missing En Masse's demo of the fantasy MMO at last weekend's PAX East, cheer up!

The firm has just released a recap video that's almost as good as being there. It was a big week overall for TERA, and the reveals included an A-list voice cast, snippets about the launch head-start period, dungeon finder and economic tweaks, and the lush Twilight Valley region showcased at PAX.

TERA's PAX demo pitted players against wave after wave of argons and big-ass monsters, not to mention a nasty cuss called Subject 5005. Players who were able to whittle the boss's health down were then given a further challenge when 5005 transformed into an Argonomorph (yeah, we're not sure what that is either, but you can see it via the video after the cut).

[Source: En Masse Entertainment press release]

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