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Discover the origins of New Eden and the Melding in Firefall's opening cinematic


Last weekend we gave you a look at Red 5 Studios' upcoming MMOFPS, Firefall, and all of its glorious shooter action. What we didn't really take a look at, however, is the lore of the game. After all, why is everyone running around in crazy armor and shooting everyone else? And why is the last bastion of humankind on the planet a Brazilian island resort? The studio intends to answer some of these questions with today's release of the game's introductory cinematic.

And man, is it heavy. From the looks of things, humanity decided it was about time to try its luck with faster-than-light travel and failed miserably, causing a gargantuan starship to come crashing into the Earth... right on top of Brazil. But wait! If the starship crashed on Brazil, then why is it still around? Because the starship's wreckage, and the energy field it generates, is the only thing currently keeping the Melding at bay, leaving the surrounding area as the only currently inhabitable site on Earth. Could have been worse, I say; at least Brazil's pretty even after the apocalypse.

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