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Pick up some Kid Icarus AR cards today at GameStop


Kid Icarus: Uprising AR cards are hard to come by unless you go to conventions or press events, but if you can brave a crowd of kiddos, you may be able to pick some up at a local GameStop today.

Nintendo and GameStop are holding demo events in "select GameStop locations" today from 1-4PM, during which you can try out the game if you haven't yet, and pick up some cards if you have. Reader Andrew tells us that the cards include the Eggplant Wizard, Fiends Cauldron, Skyscraper Club, Firework Cannons, and Minos, along with possible random packs.

Check GameStop's site to see if your local store is participating, and then look deep into your heart to decide if you want to be the person who goes to a GameStop just to pick up some video game cards. It's okay to be that person occasionally – especially when it leads to some possible Kid Icarus multiplayer.

[Thanks, Andrew!]

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