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Give top-down, Diablo-inspired action title 'Nekro' a look, a kick or a start


Nekro appears to have found the happy medium between hellish gore and shiny-happy creatures, and it wants to share this balanced, horrifying world with ours: All developer darkForge needs is $100,000, preferably from its Kickstarter.

Nekro is a top-down, randomly generated action title where players are a powerful necromancer who subsists on blood and creates other demonic beings, such as Punge, a Boomer-like character with gigantic, menacing teeth who explodes poison on enemies.

DarkForge's Kickstarter has already raised $15,000 and has 18 days left to collect the remaining $85,000. If pus, possession and poltergeists are your thing, go check it out.

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