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Space Quest creators reunite for new 'Spaceventure'

Jordan Mallory

Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe, the "Two Guys from Andromeda" responsible for the classic Space Quest series of Sierra On-Line adventure games have reunited and are hard at work creating a new Spaceventure™ game.

While details are slim at the moment, the new title is said to incorporate the "same style of comedy, wonder and excellence you expect from a Two Guys adventure," according to the duo's new site. The pair also recognize how much has changed in game design and distribution since Space Quest: The Sarien Encounter released in 1986: "The way games are made and gotten into a player's home has changed greatly ... We are adapting to the changes, taking advantage of them and charting our own course through space and looking forward to finding that 'new game smell.'"

The Two Guys From Andromeda are also hiring for the project, and while many positions have already been filled, they still have openings for a 3D Character Artist, Senior Game Developer and Sound Designer.

Perhaps most surprisingly of all, we've yet to find any mention of a Kickstarter anywhere.

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