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Stiq Figures, April 2 - 8: Need for Cinema edition

Jordan Mallory

Welcome to the inaugural installment of Stiq Figures, where the posts don't matter and the Japanese sales data is found after the break. As you'll recall, Stiq Figures is identical to the Japanese hardware sales report in every single way, save for its name. Even the time-honored tradition of making fun of Hollywood's terrible ideas has made the transition from old to new.

We know that EA is shopping around the Need for Speed movie to various studios around Tinseltown – what we don't know is how cognizant it is of the fact that this movie has already been made five times. Then again, Hollywood doesn't seem to have a huge problem with making the same movie over and over again.

3DS: 72,115 [DOWN] 49,806 (40.85%)
PS3: 19,370 [DOWN] 4,401 (18.51%)
PSP: 14,804 [DOWN] 3,552 (19.35%)
Vita: 8,931 [DOWN] 3,174 (26.22%)
Wii: 7,099 [DOWN] 2,193 (23.60%)
Xbox 360: 3,764 [UP] 2,447 (185.80%)
PS2: 1,355 [DOWN] 19 (1.38%)
DSi LL: 793 [DOWN] 148 (15.73%)
DSi: 743 [DOWN] 28 (3.63%)

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