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EA games return to GAME


Mass Effect 3, along with other EA titles, are now being stocked at UK retailer GAME. This resolves the key moment several months back when EA cut support and the financial troubles of the retailer became very public.

As Eurogamer reports, EA's decision with Mass Effect 3 came at the moment when the cracks in GAME's bad news dam couldn't be patched anymore. At the time, it was estimated that GAME would miss out on $3.2 million due to EA's move.

"We said two weeks ago that our first priority was to help our customers by putting more new releases and products in our stores and on our websites," GAME CEO Martyn Gibbs told Eurogamer. "Today we've launched a fantastic deal on Mass Effect 3, £29.99 in stores and £24.99 online, and The Witcher 2, with an exclusive t-shirt, is launched tomorrow. Pandora's Tower Limited Edition, which was released on our website last week, will arrive in our stores this week. There will also be numerous new hardware and software deals."

The company is slowly returning back to normal, having closed 277 stores, cut over 2000 jobs, and sold off some international operations.

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