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Final Cut Pro X future features: multichannel audio, RED camera support


Apple has done some chatting with video editor Larry Jordan at the National Association of Broadcasters' big meeting this week in Las Vegas, and the company revealed some of the new features coming to a future version of Final Cut Pro X later on this year. First and foremost, Jordan was told that Final Cut Pro X is what Apple is working on -- these are new features for FCP X, there is no Final Cut Pro 8 on the horizon. In other words, for editors looking to use Final Cut Pro, this what you're getting.

That might be the bad news, if you were really hoping for a new version. But here's the good news: By the end of the year, FCPX will support multichannel audio editing, dual viewers (so users could see two clips playing at the same time, perhaps to compare various sources), plug-in support for the MXF file format, and native support for files from RED cameras. Currently, editors have to convert files from the RED camera to Quicktime to use them, but that won't be the case.

Jordan didn't get to see any of these features in action, unfortunately, and Apple declined to say exactly when they'd be coming (though from his writeup, it sounds like they have even more on tap for the software update). They did also chat with him about bringing Final Cut Pro X to the Mac App Store, and Apple says that being on digital distribution should bring all of the benefits therein, including faster updates and of course a more secure platform.

So it looks like Final Cut Pro X is getting some strong support from Cupertino -- possibly not the support that professional video editors might want, but at least a few things that should make most workflows with it a bit easier.

[via AppleInsider]

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