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'Moebius' could be first adventure game from Jane Jensen's new studio


Described as a "metaphysical sci-fi thriller in the vein of Fringe," Moebius is set to be the first adventure game from Pinkerton Road Studios, pending a successful outcome on its ongoing Kickstarter campaign. Early project backers pushed Moebius through the gate first, and have contributed nearly $174,000 out of the requested $300,000.

The publicity surrounding the project is hinged on Jensen's prior work as designer and author for Sierra's celebrated Gabriel Knight series, in which a long-haired occult expert and demon hunter solved dark mysteries in-between sarcastic quips.

In Moebius, we get an antiquities dealer named Malachi Rector, who's gifted with an ability to sense "the soul" of an object. (So, think of him as having a knack for explaining any nicks on your knick-knacks.) Rector seeks to identify the significance of a woman's suspicious death in Venice, and how that connects to a shifty millionaire named Amber Dexter.

Moebius, as currently envisioned, should arrive sporting a "graphic novel look" in March 2013. Project backers have until then to fund the project and provide feedback throughout its development, possibly starting with an even-handed request to have the name "Amber Dexter" stricken from the game.

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