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Pro Skater HD first pitched years ago, could see new content as DLC


While old-school skating fans are no doubt itching to pick up Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD, it turns out that the idea of an HD remake is actually several years old. Hawk pitched the idea years ago, the skater recently told IGN, although Activision originally turned the project down because "it wasn't the right time."

Now, through the magic of digital distribution, Hawk wants to see Pro Skater HD become a platform unto itself. We knew that other popular levels from the series could be released as downloadable content for Pro Skater HD, but Hawk is hoping to see new content released as well, including levels, skaters and even new tricks.

It's worth noting that Activision is apparently taking a "wait and see" approach to downloadable content for Pro Skater HD. When asked about the possibility of DLC earlier this year, a spokesperson told Joystiq, "Activision will see how THPS HD does and go from there."

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