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Breakfast Topic: Things we love

Matthew Rossi

Stop looking at me like that, I do love some things. For instance, I love my wife, my cats, and Titan's Grip, in that order. No, I'm sorry, whoever and whatever you are -- if you're not my wife or my cats, you're #4 at best. You know how I am about Titan's Grip. In your hearts, you've always known.

I also love Darnassus (so quiet), the Blasted Lands (I'm really fond of the redesign there), Charge (so much fun), Blackwing Lair, all the weapon models from Blackwing Lair and especially Ashkandi (which you knew already), and tauren in plate. This isn't a comprehensive list (I left draenei and worgen in plate off of it, for instance), but it gives you an idea.

So we come to the part of the BT that I love -- namely, asking you what you love. Do you love Cauldrons of Battle? Vanity pets? Scrooge McDuck? (That last one's just weird -- he's not even in the game, guys.) Share your love with us.

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