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Faux PS4 built based on rumored specs, gets rumored results


The fine people at Official PlayStation Magazine UK trust the PlayStation 4 spec rumors enough to build the entire next-gen console with the assumed parts, which are all off-the-shelf PC pieces. Rumors have the PS4 using an AMD A8 3850 processor and AMD Radeon HD 7670 graphics card, the latter of which is identical to a mid-range, year-old AMD graphics card, the HD 6670. The processor is a "cheap" CPU solution, OPM writes.

With that stellar introduction, OPM tested its fake PS4 against an Intel i7 2700K with Just Cause 2, and against the PS3 with Bulletstorm and Skyrim. OPM tracked rendering and frame-rate benchmarks for each system, and was underwhelmed with the results. Just Cause 2 was clocked at 21 frames per second, and the other two stuck around 30, but with barely noticeable graphics improvements from the PS3 version.

Again, these are only the rumored PS4 specs, and simply duct-taping them all together and popping in a game doesn't equate a true, finished console. Techradar's components editor Dave James offered some insight into OPM's test: "Sadly just benchmarking the relevant PC components in the current crop of Windows-compatible games wont give you much of an idea how a PS4 utilising those components would actually perform.

"Coding on closed-platform devices, like consoles, means you can squeeze every last drop of performance out of the hardware because you know that every one of those devices will be exactly the same."

Sony may use newer versions of the graphics card and processor as well, James said. The moral of this story, then: Rumors are rumors.
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