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PS Vita getting 3 free apps: Paint Park, Treasure Park and Wake Up Club


That expensive new handheld you bought is getting some neat free apps, the first of which is available this week. On April 18, PS Vita owners will be able to download Paint Park, an illustration suite that lets you doodle on your Vita using the touchscreen and rear touchpad. It also has camera support and a group-paint option.

This summer, Treasure Park and Wake Up Call will join the free illustrator, the PlayStation Blog reports. Treasure Park is an app that lets you create your own puzzles and send them out for your friends to solve. It'll also use Near and 3G to discover new puzzles, and share your own when out in the world.

Finally, Wake Up Call is an alarm clock app syncs up your alarm with other PS Vita users. There's also a competitive element where players can set goals and are awarded for meeting or exceeding them. At last, your uncanny ability to wake up at 8:04am every morning will be of some use!

Update: Looks like Paint Park is available for download now, Picasso!

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