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Total ArKade is new mobile studio from Fruit Ninja dev


Former Halfbrick (Jetpack Joyride, Fruit Ninja) developer Tony Takoushi has started Total ArKade, a new independent studio focused on mobile games. The studio will "give players the same gorgeous art, great audio and compulsive gaming they would recognise from Halfbrick productions," said Takoushi. He added that studio will also foster "some very innovative gameplay," which Takoushi hopes to showcase in Total ArKade's first title, to be released "shortly" on iOS, Android and Samsung's Bada smartphone platform.

If Total ArKade has even an ounce of that Halfbrick magic, you can bet we'll be keeping an eye on it.

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Former Halfbrick Developer launches new studio

17th April 2012

Tony Takoushi has today launched a new games studio - Total ArKade Software.

A thirty-year veteran of games development, Takoushi most recently spent five years at Halfbrick:-

"I started in the games industry in 1979 and it's very exciting to be setting up an Indie development team at this time with so many opportunities to innovate and create quality titles in the mobile space.

I want to give players the same gorgeous art, great audio and compulsive gaming they would recognise from Halfbrick productions, along with some very innovative gameplay, as you'll see in our first title shortly.

Setting up Total ArKade Software just made a lot of sense.

As a games player I always look for something new and fresh to play, with a lot of exciting content, unique characters and great art, so these are a key focus for our launch title. ''

Total ArKade software have been hard at work on their debut title, set to launch on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android and Bada shortly.


About Total ArKade SoftwareThe studio is based in Brisbane,Queensland, Australia and is headed up by Tony Takoushi.Tony is a thirty year veteran of the games industry and has worked in senior Publishing (Sega Europe) and development roles (Codemasters and Halfbrick).

Tony Takoushi commented:
''Compulsive game play and great production values are at the heart of the new studio.

Come and won't be disappointed!''

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