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Image credit: releases World of Warplanes video dev diary

Jef Reahard

Anxious for an update on World of Warplanes? If so, has just the thing in the form of a new video dev blog that features gameplay footage and talking head interviews with various project principals.

The clip resides on's YouTube portal (and we've also got it for you after the cut, below). It's entirely in Russian, but fortunately it's also packed with sub-titles for the rest of us. Much of the info is a recap if you've been following the game for some time, but there are some interesting tidbits regarding aircraft prototypes (i.e., avatars that are quite different from the usual Mustang, Spitfire, and Sturmovik suspects found in most flight sims).

The dev diary also tells us that while WoWP will initially ship with 20 planes per nation, the roster will gradually expand up to 100 aircraft for each faction.

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