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Wasteland 2 Kickstarter raises over $3 million


People are ready for a new Wasteland, it would seem. The Kickstarter for inXile Entertainment's Wasteland 2 ended at $2,933,252, well over the $900,000 goal and $800,000 more than was required for Obsidian to join in on development.

Oh, and then fans kicked in another $112,089 through PayPal.

Of course, some of that money will go to Amazon, PayPal, and Kickstarter fees, and producing and shipping prizes, a lesson all Kickstarter users should remember. After the game is finished, 5% of the profits from the final release will be put into other Kickstarter projects, as part of a "Kicking it Forward" initiative. Perhaps the stimulation of the Kickstarter economy through this project will prevent the world from becoming a Wasteland-esque nightmare for another couple of weeks.

Update: Corrected the amount going to "Kicking it Forward."

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