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MechWarrior Online devs field 'Mech customization queries


If you had four developers of a hot upcoming title trapped in a room and could ask them any question you wanted, what would it be? (Please note that if you actually are in this situation, Massively advises releasing the hostages and surrendering to the police.) While there might not be a filthy underground lair involved in MechWarrior Online's latest community Q&A session, the principle is the same.

A good bulk of the 27 questions thrown to the four members of Piranha Games' team revolve around 'Mech customization. MechWarrior Online will be pretty flexible in this regard, although not as flexible as pen-and-paper fans might hope. For example, custom decals won't be in the game at launch, as their inclusion would require too much monitoring. Still, if you're trying to get a sense of the scope of MWO's 'Mech customization, this Q&A might impress you.

Just because the community could ask doesn't mean that Piranha had to answer, however. When queried about the in-game economy, Creative Director Bryan Ekman put the answer off until later: "We're not ready to go into details on the economics of the game. We plan to cover this in greater detail in the next couple of months via our dev blogs."

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