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Pantech FCC filing hints at LTE Breakout successor for Verizon Wireless

Zachary Lutz

We've just stumbled across a subtle hint from the FCC that suggests the Pantech Breakout will need to watch its back from now on -- it seems there's a successor in the pipeline. The Korean manufacturer just passed a new LTE handset through the regulatory agency with support for Verizon's particular flavor of 4G. Known so far only as the Starq (or Star Q), the phone will offer 802.11b/g/n, and while it lacks 5GHz WiFi, we're pleased to see that it'll support the new, low-power Bluetooth 4.0. Only time will reveal the true nature of this handset, but for the moment, we're given reason to hope that Verizon will soon receive a powerful, entry-level smartphone that's closer in specification to the Pantech Burst on AT&T -- and because it never hurts to dream, perhaps this time we'll see a better camera.

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