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Segway Seg-Link kit hits the FCC, injects dreams of PC-based transporter tinkering

Darren Murph

Own a Segway? You're about to own something else, too. That "something else" is better known as the USB-enabled Seg-Link kit, a downright mysterious new product that has shown itself today tromping through the FCC's database. Details are exceedingly light, and even the user manual doesn't do a stellar job of explaining the device's true purpose; best we can tell, it'll enable Segway owners to connect their two-wheeled transporters to a PC. Beyond that, we're left to imagine a world of Dinan-like horsepower flashes, tinkering with compression calculations, adjusting gear ratios and implementing other tactics learned in one of the fourteen Fast & Furious films. We're guessing it'll be on sale in the US of A within a few months -- till then, feel free to drop your hypotheses on what it'll bring in comments below.

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