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Study: many new US iPads activated in coastal states


Here's an unsurprising piece of news -- people in states with higher median income levels tend to purchase iPads more than those who are in less affluent states. This nugget of important information comes from online ad network Chitika, which is tracking where third-generation iPads are being activated in the United States.

Chitika mixed its data showing new iPad activations (currently at about 10.1 percent of all iPad traffic) with U.S. Census Bureau data. They found that the top areas with new iPads are California, Hawaii (probably due to Doc Rock's influence), Nevada, Washington D.C., and Washington state.

Chitika noted that those areas are considered states of high median income levels, and that they are categorized as "coastal" states. Ergo, the richer coastal states are gobbling up the new iPads at a higher rate than inland states. Another research firm, Stevall Skoeld & Co., found a similar trend in China, where more than half of all iOS devices were found in the heavily industrialized (and more affluent) coastal regions of the country.

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