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Zynga-owned Draw Something finally gets update for sharing, undo


Most of our stories about Draw Something since the game's launch have been business related. After it garnered tens of millions of users in its first few weeks, the company that makes the game, OMGPOP, was bought by Zynga for a whopping $200 million. But here's finally something to show after all of that hubbub: The game has been updated on the App Store with a few features that probably should have been in there all along.

Specifically, those would be the ability to actually share the pictures you make with Facebook and Twitter or saving them to the Photos app on your iOS device. Previously, people were working around this by screencapping their pictures, but this makes much more sense and should make for passing around even more great drawings. You can also undo steps if you make a mistake while drawing, and users can chat with each other as they draw as well.

As far as I'm concerned, this is OMGPOP catching up with must-have improvements to the app and given that much of the buzz on the app has passed, they might not be too much help in growing the app's audience even further. But for those still playing Draw Something, these will probably be nice updates to have anyway.

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