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BioWare vets' Banner Saga Kickstarter a massive success, one day left to support


"This Kickstarter has renewed my faith in humanity," Stoic Games' John Watson said in the upstart game company's latest video update, addressing the successful funding of Stoic's project, "The Banner Saga." His company just raised well over its original goal, and he's understandably elated. Stoic Games is comprised of three self-described game industry vets (their latest digs were BioWare's Austin studio), though the studio is hiring a few more positions in light of its recent Kickstarter success.

The project, which aimed to raise $100K, now has over $620K banked with another 32 hours to go (as of this writing). All that extra money means that the Stoic Games trio can give The Banner Saga a fully orchestrated soundtrack composed by Journey songsmith Austin Wintory.

As one last push, Stoic is offering Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network ports of the game should the team reach $650K. If the Kickstarter reaches $700K, Stoic promises to include a feature it had to cut from the game: player-run, upgradeable cities. Are you way into being a virtual mayor? Now is the time to donate, then!

Wondering what you're getting into? The project's pitch video is available just below the break.

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