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Botanicula leads all-Amanita Humble Bundle


The latest Humble Bundle is your first opportunity to purchase Amanita Design's newest point-and-click game, Botanicula. The bundle, under the entirely appropriate name "Humble Botanicula Debut," allows you to pay whatever you want for the new game, and pick up Amanita's Machinarium and Samorost 2 while you're at it.

As usual, bonuses abound for those willing to pay more than average. In this case, they include a movie! Kooky, a Czech film with art direction by Amanita founder Jakub Dvorsky, will be handed out to those who exceed the average, as will Windosill, an exploration game by Vectorpark that you'd probably enjoy if you like Amanita games.

This bundle features an extra charity option, in honor of Botanicula's environmental theme. You can choose to funnel some of your Humble funds toward the World Land Trust, a group dedicated to saving threatened habitats.

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