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Capcom's throwing a party and your fan art, music is invited (you aren't)


Capcom is pretty bad at planning surprise parties. The first rule it's broken is "Don't put your plans on a big-time gaming blog" and the second is "Don't spoil the theme." Ryu is going to be so suspicious. Regardless, Capcom is celebrating Street Fighter's 25th anniversary – which lands on August 30 – with a call for fan art and remixes, to potentially be used in some sort of official capacity.

Capcom urges submissions to include the "anniversary" theme in a recognizable way, with "reflection and nostalgia" as main points, community manager Brett Elston writes on the Capcom-Unity blog. The full rules for art submissions are here, and the musical notes can be found here. The deadline for both contests is May 4, 11:59 p.m. PST.

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