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Felicia Day to host the 2012 IndieCade Red Carpet Awards Ceremony

Jordan Mallory

Felicia Day has been enlisted by the folks at Creative Media Collaborative to host the 2012 IndieCade Red Carpet Awards Ceremony, where exemplary and innovating flooring/carpeting solutions are honored for their excellence in ... hold on a second, we may not have this entirely right.

Ah! Yes, video games, of course. The IndieCade Red Carpet Awards Ceremony honors noteworthy achievements in the field of indie gaming over the course of the previous year – past winners include Fez and Limbo, for example. This year's ceremony takes place on October 4, kicks off the 2012 IndieCade Conference and Festival proper, and will of course be hosted by Felicia Day.

Best known for creating The Guild and co-starring in Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Day is just about as endeared to the global gaming/nerd community as a person can get. She was even on an episode of House once.

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Fel icia Day to Host Fifth Annual IndieCade Red Carpet Awards Ceremony

LOS ANGELES-- April 19, 2012 -- Felicia Day, actress, writer, producer as well as an avid gamer, will host the fifth annual IndieCade Red Carpet Awards Ceremony, taking place Thursday, Oct. 4, 2012, in Los Angeles County. The 2012 IndieCade Awards ceremony is part of the annual IndieCade Festival, a public event that brings together independent game artists, media and consumers. The attendees take part in a weekend full of gameplay, workshops, panels, art displays and product giveaways.

Day, who recently launched her own premium Youtube channel, Geek and Sundry, is known for her work on award-winning television and in web series including Buffy the Vampire Slayer as well as The Guild.

"Felicia has great synergy with the innovative spirit of IndieCade," said Stephanie Barish, CEO, IndieCade. "Her passion, creative vision and self-starting attitude embody the ethos of the indie community. Having her host will make our award ceremony extremely meaningful."

The IndieCade Red Carpet Awards recognize the best games made by independent studios in the last year, and showcases games judged to be tomorrow's hits. Previous winners Fez, created by Polytron Corp., and LIMBO, from Playdead, have gone on to gain critical acclaim.

Tickets to the IndieCade Red Carpet Awards Ceremony are on sale now. For more information and links to where tickets can be purchased go to

About IndieCade:

IndieCade supports independent game development globally through a series of international events highlighting the rich, diverse, artistic and culturally significant contributions of indie game developers. IndieCade's programs are designed to bring visibility to and facilitate the production of new works within the emerging independent game community.

IndieCade was formed by Creative Media Collaborative, an alliance of industry producers and leaders founded in 2005.

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