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SpellTower drops to .99 in last-ditch effort to topple Angry Birds, Draw Something


"Okay internet. It is the last day of my feature," tweeted SpellTower creator Zach Gage. "There's no chance I can tackle Angry Birds and Draw Something at this price ..." Gage asked if his Twitter followers would "have his back" or "get mad" if he chose to drop the price for one final push. His followers reassured him that they would not mind the promotional effort, and so Gage has done just that.

And so, at about 12PM EST today, Gage kicked off the "1/2 OFF 24hr Sale Holy Crap, I'm Near the Top, This is Crazy! Help an Indie Take On Rovio+Zynga!" deal. If you want a well-regarded, beautiful word game, and you want to help a tiny indie triumph briefly over the titans of iOS, check it out on the App Store. And go ask Gage anything on Reddit – he's there answering questions to promote the promotion.

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