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500px launches Android app, adds iPad update on the side


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Confined to the imposing shadow of a certain filter-heavy Facebook purchase, 500px is another photo-sharing network making the eco-system leap to Android. 500px is built around collections of high-quality images that are automatically updated and streamed, with a full search option to seek out specific images. Alongside the ability to share photos on the likes of Twitter and Facebook, professionals can attempt to make their fortune by selling their images through the app and companion website. If you're just there for the sumptuous landscapes and close-ups, however, you can collate slideshows from photostreams and build up your own collection of favorite images. 500px has unleashed an update to its iPad version at the same time, cranking up the resolution to make the most of the new retina display and adding the ability to download full-size HD versions of your purchased photos. Anyone concerned with the little ones perusing some of the more risqué images can also breathe a sigh of relief -- 500px has added an improved NSFW filter. If you're overwhelmed with Instagram's new influx of enthusiastic patrons, you can try 500px's slightly different approach to photo sharing at the download links below.

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