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Latest TERA trailer takes players to the shores of the new Island of Dawn prologue


TERA's open beta test kicked off in earnest today, opening the floodgates for waves of excited players to enter the realm of Arborea. To commemorate the occasion, En Masse Entertainment has released a new trailer that shows off the game's newly crafted prologue area, which gives players a taste of high level play before they enter the game proper.

For those not yet in the beta, here's the down-low: Players begin their journey aboard a ship bound for the Island of Dawn, and as anyone familiar with fantasy tropes knows, getting on a ship bound for an unknown land is often just a prelude to a terrible shipwreck. TERA's prologue is no different, and players soon find themselves stranded in exceedingly hostile territory with a rather nasty demon infestation. Naturally, it falls to players to play demon exterminators and get the shipwrecked crew to safety because everyone else is too busy standing around telling the players what to do. Lazy chumps. At any rate, to get a first-hand look at the new prologue zone and all of the demon-ass-kicking it entails, just go watch the official trailer for yourself.

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