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The Banner Saga adds XBLA/PSN ports, player-owned cities to its plans


The Banner Saga, the turn-based strategy adventure game by ex-Bioware Stoic Studio, has hit the $650,000 mark on Kickstarter, which means the team can afford to port it to XBLA and PSN (for PS3). It's also flown past the $700,000 goal, meaning that player-owned cities will be part of the multiplayer.

"In multiplayer," Stoic explains on the Kickstarter page, "players will control their own city, raising it from a modest village to a bustling city with visual customization and their guild crest flying on the walls. Over time, players can construct buildings that will allow them to recruit new units, trade for powerful items and ultimately fight for territory."

That's the highest threshold at which the team promises a new feature, but the Kickstarter is running through 7pm EDT today. Maybe if you chip in now, you can make them promise to add even more stuff.

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