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Trials Evolution is 'highest grossing day-sales in Xbox Live Arcade history'


Maybe you haven't heard – Trials Evolution is kind of a big deal. Such a big deal, apparently, that Microsoft says it's the, "highest grossing day-sales in Xbox Live Arcade history." What does that actually mean? Your guess is as good as ours, as Ubisoft unfortunately "don't have any numbers that we can share." At least that's what a rep tells us. Harumph.

Gamasutra, however, sussed out from Xbox Live leaderboards that approximately 100K ruff ryders took to the hills and valleys (and tires and wood and ... you get the idea) of Trials Evolution. Not too shabby for day-one sales on Xbox Live ... we think? At 1200 MS Points ($15), that's approximately $1.5 million gross in a mere 24 hours, so, yeah, not too bad!

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