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Fondu for iPhone a decent app to find places to eat in big cities

Mel Martin

With the weekend here, our minds turn to food, or more specifically, eating food out. Fondu for the iPhone, is a crowd-sourced app where you can find local restaurants, read mini-reviews and leave some of your own.

Reviews can be published to Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. Places you like or want to check later can be bookmarked.

The problem with the app is that since it is new, there just isn't a lot in there. Since they have no outside sources for reviews, other than the users, information is pretty sparse. I tried several searches around southern Arizona where I live and found nothing. Expanding my search to the Phoenix area didn't find any reviews either. For now, this app is best for large cities, until there are lots of users submitting reviews. The app is fine for locating restaurants nearby, but there are plenty of other apps that do the same thing. The advantages here are you are limited to 175 characters when you review, so comments are concise.

I did find helpful reviews in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. I like the idea of the app, it's just going to need more contributors. Fondu is free, and worth a look if you'd like a fresh take on finding good places to eat.

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