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Splash Damage: Brink sales estimated at 2.5 million

Jordan Mallory

Despite a rocky launch and underwhelming critical reception, Brink went on to do "all right" on the PC thanks to multitudes of patches, free DLC and a sprinkle of magical sales dust from the Steam Discount Fairy.

As it turns out, all right actually means pretty damn good: "It's estimated to have sold more than 2.5 million units worldwide, which at retail would mean that it's generated around $120-140 million in revenue," said Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgwood during an interview with Gamasutra. Not too shabby for a game we gave two stars last year.

"But of course, as an independent video game developer, we don't earn that kind of revenue, as we're not the publisher of the title," Wedgwood said. Splash Damage plans on changing that by opening WarCrest, its own publishing house. WarCrest will handle Splash Damage's future products, while Fireteam (another Splash Damage-founded company) handles said games' associated online services.

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