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NFL's Denver Broncos embrace the iPad


The NFL Denver Broncos not only have Peyton Manning, but they're also getting a lot of iPads. A report in the Denver Post today mentioned that the team is in the process of moving the weekly team playbooks from the traditional printed copy to a digital version on the iPad.

The team will purchase 120 top-end 64 GB iPads with Verizon Wireless 4G service every season, but expects to recoup the cost by not having to print and distribute those 500-page paper playbooks each week. The Broncos join the Baltimore Ravens and Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the only teams that have embraced tablet technology.

The iPads are running a digital playbook app called PlayerLync that gives players and coaches the capability of adding notes to video play highlights from the iPad. Those notes are saved on a server, and Broncos personnel can access that information from previous games. Even when the players and coaches aren't using the playbook app, changes can be pushed to the app automatically.

The team is also planning to push game video to the iPads as soon as one hour after each game. The playbook can be erased remotely if the iPad is lost or stolen -- that's something that can't be done with a hard-copy playbook. The Broncos are also counting on using the iPad for business and player operations as well, being the first NFL team to integrate all facets of operations onto a tablet.

You won't see the iPads on the sideline this season, though. The NFL doesn't allow them during games, although this season players and coaches can have the iPads in the locker room up to kickoff.

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