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Ramp Champ rights acquired by DS MediaLabs


Ramp Champ is an oldie but goodie from the App Store's earliest days. It's an old carnival bag tosser game that was originally put together by both Iconfactory and DS MediaLabs, and it was quite popular even before going free-to-play a while back. Ramp Champ been sitting quiet on the App Store for almost a full year now -- the last update was in last May.

That will probably change very soon, however. The design studio noted on Twitter that DS MediaLabs has picked up the full rights to the game, and on its blog, that company says it is taking the reins, and plans to put some new content in Ramp Champ soon. All of the graphics will be configured for the Retina Display, and they'll add new ramps.

So this is good news for Ramp Champ fans. The game's definitely got a following (including among TUAW writers), so it'll be good to see it back in action again.

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