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The Hit List updated for Mac, iPhone, lots of great new features

We were excited about The Hit List a few years ago, with the beta showing a lot of promise, and version 1.0 finally was released in 2011. Now the task-manager software has been updated to version 1.1 for both Mac and the iPhone with the following new features:

iPhone version

  • The ability to create folders and tag bundles
  • The ability to create repeating tasks

Mac version

  • Create new tasks in the Quick Entry window based on the context of the foreground application
  • New menu items for items due today, opening links in notes and copy with notes
  • Shortcut keys to change task priority and to tie in with the new menu items
  • The sidebar can be hidden
  • The software is signed with Apple's Developer ID certificate in preparation for Mountain Lion.
  • Full-screen support in Lion

As of this version of The Hit List, OSX 10.5 Leopard is no longer supported.

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