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    Daily iPhone App: Lock 'n' Load makes dual stick fun again


    I can't keep up with everything Chillingo is putting out on the App Store lately -- they're really kicking out the jams over there. One of their latest titles is Lock 'n' Load, and even if, like me, you're tired of the well-traveled dual-stick shooter genre on iOS, this one's worth a look anyway. The game's polish and charm really lend a lot, and while the title doesn't really iterate too far on what a dual stick shooter does (use one virtual stick to move and the other to aim and shoot), Lock 'n' Load does it all well, and there's a lot of content in this excellent title.

    The one drawback, as you might imagine, is that even though the game is 99 cents, Chillingo hasn't played softball with the in-app purchases. You can of course earn in-game coins while playing, and you can buy them with real money if you need more later, but the balance is a little bit off on this one. It's not as generous as a title like this really should be. That will probably change -- the tendency is to make it easier to earn money in games like this, and my bet is that this one will be freemium before long.

    Even for 99 cents, however, Lock 'n' Load is a quality title. Even those who thought there were done with the dual-stick genre will find something to enjoy in it.

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