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Pixelmator updated to 2.0.3: Better memory management, more enhancements


Pixelmator today updated its self-named app to version 2.0.3, with a lot of improvements to the popular image editing application.

Probably the biggest improvement is in the management of memory usage. Pixelmator says that most users will "see their memory footprint cut in half" which should "sweeten performance noticeably and make using Pixelmator an even faster and smoother experience."

If you use the Export for Web feature regularly, you'll be happy to know that Pixelmator has fixed both the stability and compatibility issues that were inherent in previous versions. The list of improvements and fixes is incredibly lengthy -- readers can get a full list of them here.

One final note: if you are one of the many Lion users who is unhappy with the Autosave feature, the company has provided a Terminal command that you can use to turn off that capability in Pixelmator.

Pixelmator notes that they're on track to release their next major update to Pixelmator 2.1, although they don't mention a specific ship date.

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