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Test drive a new BMW in Auto Club Revolution

Jef Reahard

Auto Club Revolution doesn't get a lot of ink from the mainstream MMO press, but it's a pretty interesting title if you're a gearhead. It's more of a virtual world and community hub than a typical progression game (but there is plenty of progression to be had nonetheless). Eutechnyx has just announced a partnership with BMW that gives players a chance to drive and customize a virtual version of the company's new 1 Series M Coupe. The ACR coupe was built with input from BMW designers, as was the new Victoria Harbour road course that you'll drive it on.

ACR is a free-to-play racing title that delivers a "console-quality racing experience," according to Eutechnyx. Gamers can collect, customize, and race models from over 50 real-world manufacturers. Visit the game's official website and sign up to access the challenges needed to unlock your new BMW.

[Source: Eutechnyx press release]

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