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    Daily iPad App: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is gonna take you for a ride


    After quite a while, Capcom has finally released Marvel vs. Capcom 2 in the App Store, and you probably know right away if you want it or not. This Dreamcast-era fighting game might be a little silly and colorful, but it offers up some insane, excessive action that other fighting games have yet to match. Those on full consoles are already playing version 3, of course, but version 2 is a masterpiece of 2D animation, with all of Capcom's and Marvel's heroes decked out with great graphics and animations.

    Unfortunately, the game suffers from the same issues that most fighting games on the iPad and iPhone do: The virtual controls aren't the best for this type of gameplay. Capcom's dealt with it as best they can with something called the "flick button," but still, for games like this, nothing's going to substitute for a real joystick and buttons. The app description doesn't mention iCade support, but that would be nice.

    The title does have local multiplayer over Bluetooth, however, so you and a friend can face off locally, and all 56 characters are here and playable out of the game. If you have a new iPad, the graphics aren't yet compatible with the new Retina Display, but that's not too big a bother, and an update might fix that anyway. For its launch sale price of $2.99 (until May 6), Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is definitely a great title for those who love fighting games. It's so Pringles!

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