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Diablo III cooks up a reveal for the Witch Doctor

Eliot Lefebvre

As the release grows closer, Diablo III continues to serve up new reveals for the game's classes. But the latest revelation is still bringing a lot of secrets along with it. After all, would you really expect the Witch Doctor not to have a few more tricks up his sleeve? Like previous classes, the good doctor gets a video showing off the class style as well as a short story and a more specific class overview.

While he's fully capable of dealing straight damage, the Witch Doctor's true talents lie in subtlety and misdirection via curses, confusion, and fear. He also possesses the ability to summon creatures to act as ersatz allies, with giant toads and swarms of flaming bats compensating for his own lack of physical might. If all of this sounds like just your style, you might want to take a look at the video... but even if that's not the case, all Diablo III fans will want to take note of the first announced launch event for the game, with more to follow.

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