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LIL KIKR iPhone dock has both looks and functionality


I'm probably opening the floodgates to thousands of emails by talking about another Kickstarter project, but this one caught my eye today. The LIL KIKR dock for iPhone is a project by Seattle designer Mike Kemery that not only looks good, but provides a stable and non-slip speakerphone dock for your favorite Apple phone.

The project currently has less than half the backing it needs with just 17 days to go, but I've seen plenty of projects jump into fully-funded mode after a tickle from TUAW. The LIL KIKR can be yours for a US$50 pledge, is available in anodized red, black, or natural finish aluminum, and comes with a charging cable and AC adapter.

If you really want something unique and cool, there's a limited edition LIL KIKR in ceramic white with laser etching -- your pledge will go up to $60, and there are about 184 of these special docks (see below) left.


For a closer look and designer's description of the LIL KIKR, be sure to check out the video below.

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