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Trion Worlds explains how Defiance will 'co-evolve' in two mediums


Wondering whether -- or if -- the joint venture of Syfy and Trion Worlds will work in tandem with Defiance? Then you may want to put aside a few minutes to watch the following video that attempts to explain how a TV show and an MMO will work together to create a blended experience for fans.

"In the past it's always been very difficult to connect television shows, which are always evolving, with video games, which are static," Trion Worlds CEO Lars Buttler states, going on to say that Trion has cracked that code. "In our unique setup, we can do things other people have never dared to try before."

Defiance the TV show and Defiance the MMO will, according to Buttler, "literally depend on each other and co-evolve."

It may not be heavy on specifics, but it's a fascinating watch nonetheless. Check it out after the jump!

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