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Binding of Isaac's Wrath of the Lamb expansion is huge, due in late May


The Binding of Isaac expansion we heard about back in January, titled The Wrath of the Lamb, is almost here. Creator Edmund McMillen announced in a series of tweets that the expansion will arrive in late May, and that it is jam-packed with content: new challenges and achievements, over ten new bosses, over 100 new items, a new character, a new ending, and tons of other new material. "What I'm getting at is there is a lot of extra shit in this damn thing," tweeted McMillen. "We have been working on it longer than the actual game."

The latest screens of The Wrath of the Lamb are in the gallery below. For all of that content, the expansion will only cost three bucks. McMillen also said there's a trailer on the way, but he's busy right now, working with Steam on release details and testing and polishing the game itself.

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