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Blatant Hero Academy rip-off on App Store is the laziest yet


It's astoundingly easy to make an app and have it published on the App Store, a fact that has helped the dreams of many developers blossom into reality and is largely regarded as A Good Thing. However, as previous, blatantly plagiarized apps have proven, some people will take A Good Thing and use it to make a quick, dirty buck.

The latest scam may be the laziest yet: "Knights Fight" has stolen the screenshots, icon and dignity of Hero Academy, and is selling it for $0.99 on the App Store. Hero Academy itself is an intricate, free title from established indie developer Robot Entertainment, while "Knights Fight" is from Idea House, which exists only as a stark website and is apparently based in suburbia, Wisconsin. At least Idea House got the second half of its name correct.

Robot Entertainment told Game Informer it is aware of the fake title and is waiting on a response from Apple, who we assume is too busy counting its money to respond right away, or to thoroughly check the apps it puts in its store.

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