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DUST 514 dev blog outlines dynamic battlefield mechanics

Jef Reahard

Most FPS titles feature static mission areas, says CCP's CmdrWang. Over time, players memorize layouts, spawn locations, and objectives because nothing ever changes. Not so in DUST 514, the upcoming EVE Online-based MMOFPS.

CCP is bringing its sci-fi sandbox design chops to the shooter space, and the company has broken down its dynamic battlefield concept in a new DUST dev blog. Each DUST planet will be divided into separate districts, which are basically large territories that contain resources and infrastructure needed to control the world. While planetary landscapes remain static, these districts can vary quite a bit from one deployment to the next based on what has happened in previous engagements and based on player placement decisions in regard to battlefield equipment.

Memorizing the maps won't give you a huge advantage, CmdrWang says, because you may find a new choke point or structure clogging up your previous short-cut. Read more about DUST's emergent battlefield play at the official PlayStation blog.

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