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IndieDevLab offers community space near Moscone if you didn't get a WWDC ticket


WWDC sold out pretty quickly yesterday. So what do you do if you want to be part of the dev scene that week? IndieDevLab to the rescue. Monster Costume devs Kyle Kinkade and Nate True and JailbreakCon's Craig Fox quickly started organizing a way for iOS and OS X developers to gather together outside of Moscone.

Offering a community-powered lab space, IndieDevLab will provide power, high-speed wi-fi, air conditioning, and peer support. Located just a few blocks from the Moscone center, Kinkade scored a perfect location to allow devs to meet up, Tweet up, and get their development on.

A three-day hackathon re-mix event will add spice to the festivities.

Kinkade tells TUAW tickets will go on sale at 12PM Pacific. "We want to make sure that West Coast developers have all the time they need to sleep in," Kinkade added pointedly.

If you want to get in on this, make sure to register right away. WWDC is not the only event that's will be in big demand. Tickets are $129/day with a $8 fee. Early bird tickets are just $99.

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