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Redditor got 'a little carried away' and made this Android Metroid gauge


We've all had those days, when we sit down, say to ourselves, "Hey, self. We're going to create something amazing today," and then we spend hours browsing the Internet or playing Borderlands, and most decidedly not making anything amazing that day.

Redditor telekinetic overcame this rite of procrastination (while Reddit was right there the whole time) and created this Super Metroid battery gauge for his Android phone, viewable to the left. Telekinetic modded various widgets and programs, such as the ADW Launcher EX and the Ultimate Custom Clock Widget, hacking his way through to reveal this final, super product.

Telekinetic is talking with excited developers on his Reddit post about making this gauge a gettable thing for the larger Android audience, and there is a tutorial on its creation in a separate post.

As telekinetic puts it, he "got a little carried away," but as we see it, he got carried away just enough. Carry on, telekinetic. Carry on.

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