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Requiem: Momento Mori now streaming to your browser

Jef Reahard

Earlier this week we told you about Runes of Magic and its new client-free play option. Gravity Interactive's Requiem: Momento Mori title is following suit, as it's coming to a web browser near you. Like RoM, Requiem is making use of Kalydo's streaming service, which gives users full access to the same servers used by the traditional client application.

Requiem originally launched in 2008 and is best known for its mature setting and a monster-spawning mechanic that varies the challenge level based on the in-game time of day. The game also makes use of the Havok Physics Engine to power its "action-packed" 3-D combat. More info on the streaming service and the game proper can be found on the Requiem website.

[Source: Gravity Interactive press release]

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