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Guild Wars 2 sells out of digital editions


With Guild Wars 2's beta weekend event poised to start today, many procrastinating players may be rushing to the official site to prepurchase their copy of the game and secure a spot in the beta. Those who do so, however, will be in for a rude awakening, as both the standard and deluxe digital versions of Guild Wars 2 are listed as "sold out" on the site for North America.

While it may seem head-scratching that a company can sell out of a digital product, ArenaNet says that this was done to ensure enough server capacity for the event. The good news is that GameStop and Best Buy are still accepting prepurchase orders, and it looks as though ArenaNet will resume taking orders through the website once the beta weekend is underway:
We limit sales to ensure we have enough capacity for our customers. We're likely to have capacity available after the initial crunch at the start of the weekend. Players who purchase when we're able to resume digital sales at will still be able to play for the remainder of the weekend.
The team has also announced that world transfers will be free and unrestricted during this beta event.

[Thanks to FlyinBuddha for the tip!]

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